26 Jan

Health Information Management Student tells all! »

Learn Health Information Management!
Hello my name is Anne Michalski, I am currently a student with CD-ED a terrific on-line school based in Cape Breton Nova Scotia.

17 Jan

Health Information Management Student Presents Paper »

Jordan Bassett Receives International Acclaim for her Final Research Project

The CD-ED Health Information Management program is of top quality, arming graduates with real world experience a

11 Nov

Lie #5: I Only Need To Log On Once A Week »

I suspect that some people are drawn to online learning because they think that being in class is a big waste of time.

05 Nov

Lie #4: I Won’t Have A Personal Connection With My Instructor »

This is the most frustrating lie of all the ones I’ve heard about distance education.

25 Oct

Lie #3: Online Learning is Easy »

Conventional wisdom says that online learning is easy, and therefore it isn’t worth your time. As it so often is, conventional wisdom is dead wrong about that.

08 Oct

Lie #2: Online Colleges Aren’t As Good As Traditional Ones »

If it were actually true that traditional colleges are better than online colleges then I suppose there’d be no point even trying to juggle work and school.

27 Sep

Lie #1: Online Colleges Aren’t REAL Schools »

Real schools expect you to work for your diploma
The 5 Big Lies of Online Education – Part 1 of 5
If you’re reading this, you’ve been thinking about online education one w

15 Sep

When Can I Start Online Learning? »

Just because September is well underway, doesn’t mean you’ve missed the learning deadline.
Attending school in person and learning online are very different activities.

11 Sep

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Why do Legal Office Assistants need Strong Interpersonal Skills »

Working as a legal office assistant can be fulfilling!
You get to help people when they are sometimes at their most desperate and don’t see the silver lining in their own lives.

01 Sep

7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Webinar Recap »

Steven Covey’s classic book can be applied to many situations, including taking education online.