How Online Learning Works at CD-ED

In a nutshell, we provide books and software, a computer, a course outline and a flexible weekly schedule of assignments. You practice the new skills at your convenience – when and where you like – with help from your instructor as necessary. Then you complete a set of exercises or tests to submit for evaluation each week.

CD-ED Delivery and Evaluation

Delivery & Evaluation

Our studies have shown that learning is a combination of experience, perception, cognition, sharing and behavior.

Simply put: in order for you to learn a skill, you need to understand it intellectually, try it on your own, feel what it’s like to exercise the skill, and reflect back upon the experience to yourself and others.

In recognition of this as well as the different learning styles and motivational patterns, our seasoned instructors have developed a set of varied and unique methods of delivering your materials and evaluating your progress, including various combinations of:

  • step-by-step exercises,
  • independent, practical projects,
  • self-evaluating online tests,
  • proprietary lessons & guest lectures,
  • reflective essays, logs and journals,
  • research projects,
  • labs and simulations,
  • discussion forums,
  • external link resources,
  • client-based simulation projects,
  • lectures and presentations,
  • analytical projects,
  • case studies and reports,
  • brainstorm sessions,
  • video tutorials from our instructors,
  • project-based exams, and
  • hands-on assignments.

Our LMS will mark online tests automatically; everything else is evaluated by an instructor. Our instructors are subject matter experts with industry experience who return all assignments and projects with helpful commentary that will allow you to expand your skill base.

We believe the instructor feedback is at least as important as the standard learning materials – because the instructor feedback is customized to your learning style, working process, and specific situation.

CD-ED Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

School isn’t just about knowledge; it’s also about growing as a person. We believe it is important to produce graduates who have employable skills, but who are also healthy in mind, body & spirit. That’s why in addition to information on how to be a successful student, we provide information on how to live a successful life.

You’ll be given personal goals sheets, problem solving techniques, critical thinking strategies, aptitude assessments, and even a personal health evaluation.


Assisted Flexibility

It is a flexible system but it is not wide open. Although you’re free to start at any time, and free to work at any time or any place, you will be given a schedule which will require you to submit assignments on a weekly basis.

You will be required to commit 20-25 hours per week to your studies. The reason for this time commitment is to make sure you that have put in enough study and practice hours to be employable upon graduation. If you do not put in the hours, you may not graduate and despite our best efforts, without your efforts you will find yourself without the necessary skills to impress employers and get hired.

Talk to your Admissions Representative to ensure that your start date begins when your schedule can accommodate the new responsibilities you’re about to take on.

Weekly Goals with CD-ED

Weekly Goals

Meeting weekly goals will give you a continual sense of accomplishment. You’ll be proud of your own progress as you track it through the year towards graduation.


Asking for Help

Your friendly instructors will be available to you during the week. They are ready to answer any questions you might have, point you towards more resources, and fully explain any concept or technique in terms you will be able to understand and put into practice.

As you progress through your program, we encourage exploration on your own into alternative and creative problem-solving methods. Finding different paths to solve different problems is a valuable work asset.


Motivation & Success

Although this is a self-directed program, you will never be left all on your own. The instructors will make a point to get in touch with you every week or two to see how things are progressing and if you need any help.

It can be difficult to be motivated when you’re sitting by yourself in your study space without a classroom to attend; and sometimes external motivation doesn’t work. That’s why even though we check in with you and help you follow the schedule, we also explain the relevance and importance of the assignments so that you can develop your own internal motivation. We also provide a mechanism for helping you identify your personal goals, as well as the means to achieve them.

CD-ED Online Learning

Is Online Learning Right for Me?

So that’s how it works. We think it’s a pretty successful model of education, one that we have developed over more than a decade and that has produced hundreds of graduates each year.

However, as flexible and effective as we can be, online learning certainly isn’t right for everybody. To avoid setting yourself up for failure, ask yourself the following questions to determine if this is the right path for your studies:

  • Do I like to work independently?
  • Am I persistent and self-motivated?
  • Am I comfortable emailing or phoning my instructor if I need help?
  • Am I comfortable asking questions if I need more clarification?
  • Am I comfortable communicating through writing?
  • Can I follow written instructions easily?
  • Am I comfortable reading large amounts of text – books, websites, emails and other resources – on a weekly basis?
  • Do I have 20-25 hours per week to commit to my studies every single week for the next year or more?
  • Do I have a support system that will help me graduate successfully?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you have the beginnings of an excellent online learner.

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